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February 12, 2022

Join more than 500 other adult volunteers in the Boy Scouts of America from 35 states and 2 countries on the virtual campus for Baden Powell Institute here on LEADScouting.org on Saturday, February 12! LEADScouting stands for Leadership, Education, and Development for Scouting leaders of all levels! 


Baden Powell Institute is the premiere training event for Scout leaders providing supplemental training that sparks innovation, imagination, and inspiration. For more than 20 years, BPI has helped Scouters hone their leadership, develop new skills, and discover new resources.  Participants will have on-demand access to the entire course catalog as well as live interactives with fellow Scouters. All of this will be delivered through a virtual campus. 

Can't Attend on 2/12? That's Okay! The virtual campus will be open until June for you to explore on your own time and on your own schedule!


By signing up for BPI Online, you'll gather with hundreds of adult

leaders from across the country on Saturday, February 12 and all

spring-long on the virtual campus here at LEADScouting.org! Baden

Powell Institute (BPI) is a premiere training event providing courses

that spark innovation, imagination, and inspiration. 

You’ll have access to the entire course catalog of 40+ classes and take part in live discussions with Scouters from across the country. 10 of these courses are brand-new for 2022! We’ve designed this program to meet your needs with all classes digitally delivered and on demand – tune in on your time, and get the training you need.

All BPI Online participants will receive a package in the mail prior to the event with their event patch(es) exclusive to BPI Online, a commemorative shoulder loop exclusive to BPI Online, and printed guidebook.

Anyone can participate, whether they are from Buckeye Council or not. Simply register below for BPI In Person.



By signing up for BPI, you will have on-demand access to all courses beginning 2/12 throughout the spring! Each course has its own dedicated webpage with videos, connected resources, and activities. If you participated in BPI 2021, there will be at least 15 new courses for 2022!



Understanding the Merit Badge Program 

The Eagle Scout Service Project

The Eagle Scout Application

The Essentials of Merit Badge Counselor

Eliminating Roadblocks for your Eagle Candidate


Knot a Problem

Shooting Sports in Scouting

Basic Woodcarving

Cub Scout Knife Safety and Whittling

Cub Camping in a Pandemic

Dutch Oven Cooking

Basic Map & Compass Reading


We Are Able! - Leading Scouts with Disabilities 

Bullying Prevention

What is Wood Badge?

1 Hour a Week- Scouting and Life Balance

Unit Commissioners: Who are they & why do I have one?

Commissioner Tools 

Diversity in Scouting

Unit Fundraising: Enabling the Adventure

Suicide Prevention in Scouting

Anxiety in Youth Today

Managing Stress & Avoiding Burnout

Unit Budgeting

Annual Program Planning

Gender and Identity in Youth


Scoutbook for Den Leaders

Using Social Media in Scouting

Using the BSA Brand Center to Market Your Unit

3D Printing in Scouting


Strengthening Relationships with Schools

Growing through Connective Relationships

Questions Effective Leaders Should be Asking

Utilizing Cubmaster & Scoutmaster Minutes

Communication within Your Pack, Troop, or Crew

Conflict Resolution


Holding a Successful Join Scout Night Event

Succession Planning 

Retention: Best Kept Secrets

Strengthening Relationships with Schools


Pinewood Derby Tips and Tricks

Advanced Pinewood Derby Tips and Tricks

Making Virtual Meetings Exciting 

Cub Scout Crafts

Cub Scout Games

Guide to Safe Scouting & Camp

High Adventure: The Impact to Your Unit

New NCAP Rules for District & Council Events

Adventures at the Summit

See the full description of classes in the Guidebook

**course list subject to change**



On Saturday, February 12 there will be a live webinar with Andrew Miller about the BSA Alumni Association. Find the webinar details and recording after 2/12 in the auditorium on the virtual campus.

Andrew Miller

BSA Alumni Association Committee Member

Andrew Miller is a life-long Scouter based out of Philadelphia, PA and joined the SBRSA Executive Committee as the Vice President of
Membership. He served on the SBRSA organizing committee and has served on Jamboree staff at the Summit and at Fort A.P. Hill. Andrew's Scouting service revolves around outdoor programs, where he serves on the National Camping Task Force, as a section director for First Year Camper/Outdoor Skills at National Camping Schools, as a facilitator at the National Outdoor Conference, and as outdoor programs co-chair for Northeast Region Area 5. Andrew also serves on the Scouting 


 Alumni Association Committee. Andrew has degrees in history, paleontology and business and, when not Scouting, is a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. He is a James E. West Fellow and a recipient of the Silver Beaver Award and Silver Antelope Award.



Throughout the day on Saturday, February 12 there were moderated group discussions featuring topics that interest you! These will all be recorded and available on the virtual campus. 

10:00am EST – Active Shooter Training hosted by Matt B.

  • In today’s world, it has become more and more necessary to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for what to do when caught in an active shooter situation. *Warning – this course contains graphic content*

10:00am EST – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It hosted by Toby Hoy

  • Do you enjoy solving the same problems over and over again?  Do your Scouts?  Join this session to learn how to adapt some lessons learned from some of the world’s most successful companies to your unit.


11:30am EST – Gender & Identity in Youth hosted by Jim Foley

  • Jim Foley is the Director of Community Education and Prevention Services for the Counseling Center of Wayne and Holmes Counties in Ohio. Jim supervises school-based therapists and provides mental health trainings to the general community including seminars and forums with adults on how to be helpful to youth.

2:30pm EST – PALS: Parents as Leaders, A Shared Model hosted by Steve & Cathy Walker

  • Having parents sit in the back of the room during a meeting? Involve them as PALS. Here you can learn best practices about involving parents.

2:30pm EST – Introduction to Mental Health First Aid by Jay Hays

  • Jay Hays is Director of Graduate Student Services in the College of Nursing at Kent State University. He earned his doctorate in Sociology, also from Kent State in 2017. For the past three years, Jay has also been an instructor for Adult Mental Health First Aid through the National Council of Wellbeing. Jay has been in Scouting since a youth where he attended Philmont. As an adult he has served many roles and recently completed Woodbadge Training.



BPI will take place on the virtual Baden Powell Institute! This is a virtual, interactive campus that provides access to all content for BPI.


If you've participated in any HomeScouting programs delivered by the Buckeye Council, this is similar to the Virtual Campground for Cyber Summer Camp, the ClubHouse for the HomeScouting Adventure Club, or the Virtual Race Course for Cyber Sled Race. 

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Discover a robust training opportunity available for all adult leaders in the Boy Scouts!

  • Multiple live-interactive discussions

  • 40+ courses of supplemental training for adult leaders on an interactive Baden Powell Institute

  • Pre-Event Package mailed to your home prior to the event with items all exclusive to the online event:

    • Baden Powell Institute Syllabus

    • Commemorative CSP Patch

    • 2022 Shoulder Cord


Discover a robust training opportunity available for all adult leaders in the Boy Scouts!

  • Multiple live-interactive discussions

  • 40+ courses of supplemental training for adult leaders on an interactive Baden Powell Institute

  • Pre-Event Package mailed to your home prior to the event with items all exclusive to the online event:

    • Baden Powell Institute Syllabus

    • Commemorative CSP Patch

    • Metallic Commemorative CSP Patch

    • 2022 Shoulder Cord


By signing up for the Master's Package, you will receive the BPI Trio patch set!



Thank you to our sponsors for Baden Powell Institute!