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Just in! We've received intel on the shadow organization calling themselves the "Secret Shoppers"! Each Secret Shopper has in their possession key pieces of high tech, handheld equipment in the war on boredom as well as keycards that unlock the cardholders' deepest desires.


As we uncover clues and information from our clandestine network, you will receive weekly updates to help you locate the Secret Shoppers. They are believed to have taken refuge in local neighborhoods posing as regular individuals. You can force them to reveal themselves at their home or as they visit local stores by tempting them with their greatest weakness: POPCORN!

Locate The Handheld Equipment!

Travel door to door to sell popcorn and you may discover Secret Shoppers

hiding within neighborhoods near you! Throughout the Buckeye Council, six

Secret Shoppers have been identified. Each house contains a Nintendo Switch Lite to give to

the first Scout who knocks on that door. The mission is simple: knock on as many doors as possible in hopes of finding a Secret Shopper!

Screenshot 2021-09-09 112638.png

New Intel: Confirmed hideout is a house on a wooded lot with a three car garage. The front of the house has both stone and beige siding.

This house is located near an elementary school whose name rhymes with "nose". 

The town this Secret Shopper resides in is a college town and is known for its unique band instrument.

Screenshot 2021-09-09 113323.png

New Intel: Known to be residing in a white house and has a detached garage with a gravel driveway that sits near a local college.

During the summer, you can find hot air balloons flying across the sky in this town.  

This Secret Shopper lives on a street that shares the name as a type of screwdriver.

Screenshot 2021-09-09 211052.png

New Intel: This Secret Shopper is known to be at home after 4:30pm on all weekdays. The key to finding this house is that it is attached to another house in a neighborhood full of condominiums.

Near this house you can find a park with the same name as a Buckeye Council camp. 

Screenshot 2021-09-09 211105.png

New Intel:  Known to be residing on a dead end street near a park. You can find an American flag flying overhead at this location. 

A unique feature about the area is that it is named after a president. Nearby you can also find a middle school.

Screenshot 2021-09-09 211118.png

New Intel: This Secret Shopper resides in a town with two local colleges and has a factory that makes a device that dries clothing. O-H!

In this town, you can find a Buckeye Council Scout Shop and office.

Screenshot 2021-09-09 211130.png

New Intel:  You can find a Ferris wheel in the town where this Secret Shopper resides. Located to the east of this house is a small cemetery. 

Screenshot 2021-10-08 071550.png

New Intel: This Secret Shopper's house is has a mixture of brown siding and brown stone.


This Secret Shopper resides in a new housing development. You can find completed and partially completed houses here.

You can find this Secret Shopper hiding out in the county seat of one of the 12 counties within the Buckeye Council.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 071538.png

New Intel:  You can find this Secret Shopper hiding out in the county seat of one of our 12 counties in the Buckeye Council.

In this Secret Shopper's town, there are a number of scarecrows downtown during the fall. You can find a gnome in the front yard.

Nearby this house is an open field. If you're local to the area, you know there used to be a water tower in this field.


Check back next week for more intel!


Secret Shopper 1.jpg

Levi M.  Troop 4065

Secret Shopper 2.jpg

Carter B.  Troop 6046

Secret Shopper 5.jpg

Harrison E.  Pack 1921

244448677_10159922068944170_8873298838834333628_n (1).jpg

Peyton S.  Pack 1045

Secret Shopper 3.jpeg

Marshall B.  Pack 1935

Secret Shopper 4.jpg

AJ & Taylor M.  Pack 1012


Emily W.  Troop 4338


Hayden P.  Troop 5141


Secure the Keycards!

Begin planning your Show & Sell tables now because Secret Shoppers have been equipped with Amazon gift cards to give to Scouts who are spotted selling in their community. The Secret Shoppers have informed us they typically shop at local grocery stores, hardware stores, and an occasional street fair!

Other Ways To Sell

  • Sell Online - You can easily sell to customers, both locally and abroad through Pecatonica’s online store and using your Seller ID. Product is delivered directly to the customers door, your Scout will receive credit for the order to be applied towards prizes, and shipping is free. Need a Seller ID? Contact your unit kernel.

  • Take to Work Forms - Take an order form to work and place it in the break room for colleagues to order from your Scout.

  • Take Order - Ask friends and families to order popcorn to be delivered to them at a later date.


All Scouts are encouraged to participate in the “All Out Blitz!” This year’s All

Out Blitz has been revamped to give Scouts more prizes than ever before!


Sell $400 by 10/4 = $20 Amazon E-Gift Card

Sell $700 by 10/4 = $40 Amazon E-Gift Card

To Qualify: Every youth who submits a qualifying copy of their order form will receive a $20 Amazon EGift Card for $400 sold or a $40 Amazon E-Gift Card for $700 sold. To enter, visit You will need to enter the Scouts’ name, parent email address, and attach a copy of the sales form.

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