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it's time to put the outing back in scouting


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It's time to put the OUTING back in SCOUTING! Join us for our next HomeScouting adventure: Survive the Summer! This six-week program will focus on equipping you with essential survival skills for the outdoors as well as everyday life. You'll learn how to survive the elements, grow your own food, save for your future, complete a conservation service project and more! Each week, beginning June 22, a new survival challenge will be released via email and on If you survive, you will receive the Survival Shield Award. Along the way, you will also rack up achievements towards rank and merit badge awards.  

June 22 - August 1, 2020

Week 1

Survive through Skills

wilderness survival and weather skills


Week 2

Survive through Sowing

plant and grow your own food

Week 3

Survive through Service

help our planet survive​ through a conservation project

Week 4

Survive through Saving

start a business and begin saving for your future​

Week 5

Survive through Sustainability

reduce, reuse, recycle​

Week 6

Survive through Stepping

hike, run, walk 10,000 steps a day

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We are keeping the cost of HomeScouting programs low. $30 gets your entire family access to the digital content for all six weeks plus one patch! Order additional patches in the store



Each week, HomeScouting will provide a minimum requirement to complete for all Cub Scouts, Scouts, and adults. The minimum requirement is fairly simple and easy to do! Then we will provide additional resources, activities, and advancement opportunities around the weekly theme. 

FOR Scouts

Get a head start on your next rank in Scouting! Most advancement activities for Scouts of all ages can be worked on at home. For Cub Scouting, parents can sign off on achievements and Scouts can connect with local merit badge counselors virtually. The program also encourages everyone to do things like planting a small garden, learning financial literacy, and more. 

FOR adults

Back by popular demand - adult leader training series! Whether you’re a seasoned Scouting leader or brand new to Scouting, there’s opportunity to learn something new. Anyone can log on to to access hundreds of online trainings that can be completed in the comfort of your own home! Part of HomeScouting will be extended learning for adults to renew their Youth Protection Training, take a training based on their position in Scouting, and learn something new by picking an additional training!


Is it too late to join Survive the Summer?

No! Anyone can join Survive the Summer at any point in time. As soon as you register and create an account, you'll receive access to all previous week's challenges. All Survive the Summer registrants will have access to the content until 9/1!

What about Cyber Summer Camp, is it too late to join Cyber Summer Camp?

No! You can sign up now and have access to the content until 9/1. We will also leave the “final reporting” tool as an open form so whenever you completes the program, you can fill it out and we’ll send the info to your unit leader. If you register after 6/12, you will need to find your own Nova or merit badge counselor. 

How is Survive the Summer different than Cyber Summer Camp?

Cyber Summer Camp was a week-long focused program with new content releasing every day. Survive the Summer will be spread out over six weeks, with content releasing each week. Cyber Summer Camp relied heavily on virtual engagement through the website and webinars. There will be web-based and video content as a part of Survive the Summer but most the of the activities during Survive the Summer will encourage you to get outside and put the Outing back into Scouting!

What advancements will be earned?

All Scouts will work on various connected advancements during Survive the Summer. For Cub Scouts, you can get a head start on your next rank and parents can sign off on all advancements. For Scouts BSA and Venturing youth, you will have the opportunity to work on different merit badges, however there will NOT be any merit badge counseling sessions to complete a merit badge. Scouts BSA & Venturing youth will have to find a local counselor to complete the merit badge. 



Fun on the Run

Animal Kingdom

Mountain Lion​

Ready Set Grow


Tigers in the WIld

Tiger Bites

Good Knights

My Tiger Jungle

webelos / aol

Webelos Walkabout

Into the Woods

First Responder

Project Family


Paws on the Path

Call of the Wild

Grow Something

Adventures in Coins


Fur, Feathers, Ferns

Bear Claws

Bear Necessities

scouts bsa/ venturers

Wilderness Survival*



Soil & Water Conservation*

Personal Management*

Plant Science*

Will there be merit badge counseling sessions like during Cyber Summer Camp?

No. If you complete any merit badges during Survive the Summer you will have to find a local counselor to fulfill those requirements.

*Merit Badge Note = There will NOT be any merit badge counseling sessions to complete a merit badge. Scouts BSA & Venturing youth will have to find a local counselor to complete the merit badge.

How does it work? Where do I get started?

First, start on the Weekly Challenges page to orient yourself and find all connected worksheets and tracking tools. Each week's content is divided into 3 parts: Know, Show, and Go. If you are familiar with Cyber Summer Camp, the Weekly Challenges is a lot like Mission Control. 

  • KNOW: Start here using content found at

    • Learn about what it takes to survive using age-appropriate, guided worksheets. 

  • SHOW: Practice your new skills

    • Demonstrate your knowledge by preparing the tools needed to survive.

  • GO: Go outside and put your new skills to the test

    • Take your knowledge to the outdoors and complete the challenge!

I had access to the content earlier, and now I don't. What happened?

Try clearing your browsing history, closing your browser, and coming back to With so many changes made to the site daily, we believe the cache can't keep up.  

Why can't I access anything for Survive the Summer?

Only account holders who have purchased a package have access to the digital content for Survive the Summer. If you have made a purchase and still can't access, email us at with your order number to grant access. 

Why don't I see my order under "My Orders"?

Some individuals are having issues with their order showing up under "My Orders." That's okay! We have received your order. This is most likely due to account creation after purchasing a package. Similar as to if you order a pizza using guest checkout, the next time to go and decide to create an account it doesn’t show previous orders.

I am a Cub Scout, should I complete adventures for my old rank or my new rank?

Cub Scouts should complete adventures for their new/future rank, however for this year only, Cub Scouts have until July 31, 2020 to complete adventures for the old rank! So if you want to finish adventures for your old rank you can, or get a head start on your new rank!

Will my Scout be turning in the worksheets and/or tracking tools?

No. All worksheets and tracking tools are for your use to keep track of what's been completed. We recommend keeping them in case your unit leader wants to see what's been accomplished as proof of completion. 

How will my unit leader know what my Scout completed?

We will send a “final report” to both parents and unit leaders through gathering information from each Scout on work done on different merit badges and other advancements and email it to your unit leader. See here for an example of the email to unit leaders. We used this for our Spring BreakOut HomeScouting program, and it was positively received from unit leaders. 

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Each week, new challenges will be released, click on any colored challenge to get started!

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homescouting heroes

Thanks to our HomeScouting Heroes! The following sponsors have made it possible for all HomeScouting Programs to be affordable for all families. Learn more about how you can be a HomeScouting Hero!

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Buckeye Boy Scouts Foundation

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Kiwanis Club of Alliance

Torque Drives, Inc.

Leonard Janchar

Jim Strauch

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