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What is Baden Powell Institute?

Baden Powell Institute is the premiere training event for Scout leaders providing supplemental training that sparks innovation, imagination, and inspiration. For more than 20 years, BPI has helped Scouters hone their leadership, develop new skills, and discover new resources. In 2021, BPI will be digitally delivered providing on-demand access to the entire course catalog as well as live interactives with fellow Scouters and our guest speaker, former National Director of High Adventure for the BSA, Bill Spice. 

The virtual campus stays open until 6/1!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Virtual Campus

The virtual campus (the Baden Powell Institute) will be the hub for BPI with buildings designated for program areas. Participants will be able to explore the entire campus beginning 2/6 and have access all spring long. 

The virtual campus will be a lot like the ClubHouse or the Race Course for Buckeye Council's HomeScouting programs! Feel free to check them out!

The Courses

By signing up for BPI, you will have on-demand access to all courses beginning 2/6 throughout the rest of the spring! Each course has its own dedicated webpage with videos, connected resources, and activities. 

See below for the descriptions of each course under the Frequently Asked Questions. 


We tried to keep the cost of BPI low - with $10 as the base package which gets access to the digital content. The $15 and $25 packages are perfect for leaders looking to collect memorabilia with their package.

Flexible Schedule

There will be a schedule for BPI for those looking for structure, however participants can complete trainings at their own time and at their own pace. All trainings are pre-recorded, so you can come back and watch at any point. Learn More about the Flexible Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't I see my order under "My Orders"?

Some individuals are having issues with their order showing up under "My Orders." That's okay! We have received your order. This is most likely due to account creation after purchasing a package. Similar as to if you order a pizza using guest checkout, the next time to go and decide to create an account it doesn’t show previous orders.

Can I navigate the virtual campus on a phone or a tablet?

You can use a tablet, but we do not recommend using a cell phone. The BEST experience is on a computer. We highly recommend using a computer to participate.

How long will the trainings be accessible after it concludes?

The virtual institute and everything on leadscouting.org will be accessible for participants all spring long, so you can complete trainings at your own pace and explore as much as you want!

Course Descriptions



  • The Merit Badge Program - What does it actually say in the Scouts, BSA “Guide to Advancement”? We’ll be going over all the fine points concerning Scouts working on a merit badge.

  • The Eagle Scout Service Project - What it is and what it should not be! Choosing, Planning, Managing, and the importance of the paperwork.

  • The Eagle Scout Application - Useful information on the “correct” way to fill out the Eagle Scout application, what every Scout leader should know.

  • Being the Best Merit Badge Counselor - Who should be a merit badge counselor and how can you be the best? Learn about the process here.


  • Knot a Problem - Basic knots for Scouting – you will be taught how to tie them and how to teach them to our youth.

  • Basic Woodcarving - Explore the basics of woodcarving, tools needed, and safety measures to consider.

  • Cub Scout Knife Safety and Whittling - Learn how to teach Cubs the proper way to handle that knife and basic carving skills.... with 10 fingers before and after.

  • Cub Camping in a Pandemic - How are you keeping your Cub Scouts active and camping during this time?

  • Shooting Sports in Scouting - Learn the requirements to take your unit shooting, where to get the required training, ranges in your area, and grant opportunities to fund your program


  • Pinewood Derby Tips and Tricks - Learn the science and speed methods for building a fast Pinewood Derby Car. Learn how to build a racing program with your Scouts and how to get them involved with the build. Learn how to make your racing program enjoyable and educational for everyone.

  • Making Virtual Meetings Exciting - How can you get Scouts to pay attention during a Zoom meeting? How long should they be? Learn more here!

  • Cub Scout Crafts and Games - Use fun and exciting games and crafts to make your Cub Scout meetings fun. 

  • Adventures at the Summit - Learn about everything the Summit has to offer you and your scouts from Matt Reineck, Director of Outdoor Adventures, Spencer Mercado, Seasonal Hunter's Ed Instructor, and Shannon Werntz, Seasonal E-Commerce Specialist. There is so much to do at the BSA's newest high adventure base, The Summit Bechtel Reserve in Beckley, West Virginia.


  • Active Shooter Training - Guidelines for individuals who may be caught in an Active Shooter Situation.


  • We Are Able! - Leading Scouts with Disabilities - Common disabilities and their possible barriers, and the dynamic strategies that Leaders can incorporate to encourage active participation.

  • Succession Planning - Whether an alien abduction, giant lizard attack, or natural causes, what happens to your unit after you’re gone, and why should you care?

  • What is Wood Badge? - You’ve heard of Scouting’s pinnacle of leadership training, come find out what it’s all about and how it can help not only your unit, but yourself personally and professionally

  • Dealing with "Bullying" - This course will focus on an in-depth look at exactly what bullying is, how to identify it, how to try to prevent it from happening in your unit, and what to do if it does occur.

  • 1 Hour a Week - Scouting and Life Balance - How to maintain the balance between Scouting, work, home, and kids.

  • Suicide Prevention in Scouting - People who work with youth WILL encounter those who may be at risk of suicide. Our challenge is to catch the early warning signs and take actions as early as possible, before youth have formed a clear plan and decision. Here you will get tips on how to talk to youth when you are concerned, how to decide whether to take more action besides talking with them, and how to talk in a way that is helpful when additional support is not (yet) there with you.

  • Unit Commissioners: Who are they & why do I have one? - Who are Commissioners? What do they do and how can you use them to make your Unit better. Find out how could you become a Commissioner and be a friend to a Unit.

  • Commissioner Tools - Are you a Commissioner or considering becoming one? Come learn how to make the most of Commissioner Tools on my.scouting. Learn how to record Simple and Detailed Assessments, record Roundtables and view the rosters of units assigned to you. Learn how the District Commissioner can manage unit assignments and view reports.

  • Questions Effective Leaders Should be Asking - What are thought provoking questions effective leaders should be asking? Learn more here!

  • Retention: Best Kept Secrets - To recruit is one thing, but retention is the key to sustaining a Unit. This course will present several simple ideas which will keep scouts in the program from kindergarten through high school, as well as adults.

  • Diversity In Scouting - The BSA promotes a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging and builds communities where every person feels respected and valued.


  • Scoutbook for Den Leaders - This session will cover some of the most common Scoutbook tasks used by Cubmasters, Den Leaders, other adult leaders, and parents at the Cub Scout Pack level. These include: Managing membership including adult leaders and dens, creating events, sending messages using Scoutbook, documenting completion of achievements, and recording when achievements are awarded.

  • Communication within Your Pack, Troop, or Crew - Do you need to develop your presentation skills, speak in front of groups or share information or solutions with others? Learn to communicate effectively and persuasively and become comfortable with your own style. Develop key presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and poise—and without fear. Plus, receive expert advice and resources on how to handle especially challenging situations. Best of all, you’ll gain confidence by refreshing or gaining a new set of skills.

  • Using Social Media in Scouting - Learn proper techniques for effectively and properly using social media for marketing purposes as well as positive PR.


  • Strengthening Relationships with Schools - Find out how to maximize your connection with your local schools.

  • Growing through Connective Relationships - It’s about who you know, not what you know.