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Pre-Event Training

Here you will find all the information for your personal to do list before BPI in February!


Now that you're registered for BPI, begin exploring now by completing the pre-event training. 



In order to access all of the content for BPI Online, you will need to create an account on

If you're participating in BPI Online, you will need to create an account on To create an account:

  1. Click on Sign In / Create Account in the top right-hand corner of

  2. Click on New to this Site? Sign Up.

  3. Create an account!

    • You may receive an email confirmation to confirm your account. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm. NOTE: the website randomly selects users to confirm accounts. You may not receive an email to confirm. 



All adult leaders in the Boy Scouts of America are required to take Youth Protection Training, save time and do it today!



Shop the LEADScouting Store! All items will be mailed in your pre-event package in January.

For Cyber Summer Camp, the Buckeye Council created five supplemental trainings for leaders - called the Leaders Lounge. The Leaders Lounge is exclusive for parents to learn about program planning and training on Scoutbook, budgeting, and recruitment in a virtual world. Explore the Leaders Lounge to get a feel for how each course for Baden Powell Institute will be released. 

NOTE: BPI courses will each have their own page with a dedicated introduction to the course, the pre-recorded video, supplemental resources, and more. 



BPI and is created by the Buckeye Council in Canton, OH which also created HomeScouting.

BPI and is created by the Buckeye Council in Canton, OH. In March 2020, we created HomeScouting, designed to offer virtual programs across the country and around the world. HomeScouting has evolved to serve over 14,000 youth and their families in all 50 states and across the world in 5 countries.

Explore and other digitally delivered programs created by the Buckeye Council. Currently, HomeScouting has two digitally delivered programs available to Scouts across the nation.


HomeScouting Adventure Club

  • Scout your way along with 2,200 other families across the nation as part of the exclusive HomeScouting Adventure Club. Whether you seek adventure in your backyard, living room, or even at a scout meeting, you'll find everything you need to "HAC" your experience. All program is delivered through an interactive ClubHouse which serves as your passport to adventure. Check out the ClubHouse and explore all September HomeScouting Adventure Club content! 

  • What's Included Each Month: Work on at least 1 Cub Scout Adventure or 1 merit badge each month. 

  • For all Buckeye Council families - check your welcome to BPI email for more details on how you can access the HomeScouting Adventure Club. 

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